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Our English Speaking Team Counts with Experts in All Areas Which You May Need, like Accountants, Detectives, Specialized Doctors like Psychologists for Adults or Minors and All Skillful Proficent Experts We Might Need to Assist Us With Your Case, as We Always Seek for the Best Secured Results.

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Divorce and Family Law

A Friendly Divorce Settlement Negotiation is Always our Best Option and Recommendation, but If the Spouses do not come to an Agreement, a Divorce Law Suit is Required. In Case of a Friendly Settlement You Can Deal with only ONE Lawyer who Represents Both Parties. If we need to go to Court, each Spouse will Require her/his own Lawyer.

Spouses with Different Nationalities, and circumstances, need Divorce Settlements with International Regulations,  A Divorce Settlement Influences Your Future and Needs to Be Secured with the International Regulations, which are required to be Applied to Safe guard your Rights in a Divorce Settlement. This is why a Highly Experienced Lawyer is Recommended as to Guarantee a Favorable Settlement for the sake of Your Future. For more info visit:




Immigration Law

With more than 20 years of experience in Immigration Law, we help citizens obtain legal documentation regarding their current status in Spain according to their circumstances and help them stay where they need. Different issues come up due to bureaucracy which sometimes are apparently  insurmountable, but our experience offers different options always benefitting our customers. Under our act L.O. 4/2000, clearly states the rights, obligations and privileges that non nationals have in Spain, to protect them from human rights violation to medical support and social integration. Our Law protects non nationals and are obliged to coordinate each and every situation with different countries and their citizens. For more visit:



Intellectual Property Law

Our teams thrives to protect your brand on an International basis, we are specialists in protecting your patents, creations, either musical or of any art, or inventions. We find it alarming that more than 97% of entrepreneurship business owners have lost millions of dollars or euros, their time, energy and efforts. It is not starting from point zero over and over again. Protecting your patents, copyrights, and registering your trademarks from the beginning through and experienced lawyer means saving your money on the long run and moving forward securely.

Our Guarantee favors your investments in the form of high quality patents and service from highly experienced lawyers. Protect Your Creations and Branding the right way.

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Real Estate Properties

We Cover on an International Basis a Networking Community with Properties All Over the World and Available to All Budgets. We Believe in Dealing with Buyers and Sellers in a Customized Personal Basis, as Property Purchase is an Important Decision. As a Law Firm, our Contracts are Binding and Safe and We Back Our Clients’ Security When Dealing with Property. All Our Collaborators Belong to Experienced Law Fields Which Adds Quality to Our Guarantee. For more visit:



Criminal Law

Criminal Law Encompasses Multiple Criminal Offenses from Basic to Serious Offenses with Different TypeS of Law Enforcement. The Criminal Field is the Most Harsh for an Individual as it can Imply Severe Penalties. This Field thus Requires Fast Action to Avoid the Initial Errors at the Police Station or Court. We Are Prepared for a 24/7 Emergencies Assistance when Required. We Cover All Criminal Charges, to Name a Few; Alcoholic Driving, money laundering offenses, Domestic Violence, Narcs, Homicide, International Warrants. For more visit:



International Warrants

Our Team with Decades of Experience on their Shoulders Handle with the Required Emergency the European and International Warrants need, as these cases are Delicate and need Fast Action to Safeguard Your Human Rights. These Warrants can be detrimental for Your Future If it is not taken care in hand of a Lawyer with Specific Experience in these Warrants. Initial mistakes need to be avoided therefore fast action is required when there is an International or European Warrant. For more visit:


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Types of Divorces We Can Help You With

International Divorce

Divorces between spouses of different nationalities. Application of the International Unification Regulations

One of the spouses has a Foreign Nationality and the other has Spanish Nationality

The marriage took place outside of Spanish territory and there are several issues to be resolved

There are minor children born outside of Spain, and there are mixed custody situations to be resolved

Both spouses are of Spanish nationality but celebrated their marriage outside of Spain

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